Royalty Program

Our RYZ Royalty Program is a monthly subscription (30-day FREE Trial then $10/month thereafter) that entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Featured Article in RYZ Magazine (if desired)
  • Earn Commissions on personal purchases in our RYZ Store
  • FREE access to our growing number of RYZ Networking Events around the world
  • Opportunity to earn a large, royalty income from sub-affiliate purchases and sales through 12 generations
  • Here is an illustration of your earning potential through our 3 x 12 Forced Matrix Compensation Plan:

The Power of the Forced Matrix

The first three subscribers that you refer will be placed on your First Level and then new subscribers will be placed under them. This gives you the opportunity to fill out your matrix and help your referred subscribers at the same time. You will benefit from company advertising and active subscribers above you because you are a part of their matrix too.

New subscribers are joining everyday and many of them could be placed in your matrix – Click here to start your FREE Trial