Entrepreneur Showcase: Mike Mauger

At RYZ we interview creative and motivated people who are actively pursuing their dreams. Today we interview Mike Mauger:

Mike Mauger is a San Diego native who graduated St. Augustine High school, where he is still an active alumni member. He is also scholar athlete alumni from Norfolk State University. His leadership and passion for athletics continued after college. He coached high school basketball for the 3 years at his alma mater and has been a volunteer coach for the YMCA basketball team for the past 8 years. When Mikes transitioned into Insurance, his background in teamwork is reflected in his value for quality customer relationships which has been a contribution to his success. He works together with clients to provide them all-star service and deliver them all-inclusive coverage. He and his wife are the happy parents of two vibrant children.

What was your background before you became an entrepreneur?

I was in the hospitality industry for many years. I work for an amazing local Restaurant group in San Diego, The Verant group. They continue to have a strong presence in San Diego.
I really appreciated the hospitality industry that allowed me to utilize my natural customer service skills. Early in my career I had the opportunity to get into a management position, that taught me leadership, organization , and profit and loss tools that I am able to carry on to my current business.

Was there any defining moment that led you to pursue your current path?

I started to learn that the late and extended hospitality hours, does not coincide with a young family. My wife and I currently have two young kids that are 2 and 4 yrs old. When they were younger, I started thinking the bigger picture and long term. A lot of people leave the hospitality industry for sales positions, I did not want something short term. I did a lot of research into my direction and my wife and I made the best decision to get into the insurance Industry.

I knew right away that the Insurance Industry was my calling. I have always been considered from my family and friends as caring and a considerate individual. That is exactly what this industry entails, I am protecting my clients assets and in a lot of cases their dreams of being business owners. I have my clients back, and my goal is to make sure they feel secure and protected.

As an independent insurance broker, I have a broad book of business. I help personal line clients with their Home, Auto, Umbrella policies. My commercial clients vary from Brick & Mortar business to International Manufacturing. A good size of my book of business is with Hospitality Industry and in Commercial Properties.

My wife is very supportive and positive when it comes to us hitting our personal and professional goals. Our team here at Ives Insurance is one of a kind. We guide and push each other to grow personally and professionally every day.

This is a very busy industry with laws and regulations always changing. I like to challenge myself on learning and growing on all aspects of insurance. My best advice to give in any industry is to always keep learning, all industries are growing and changing every day.

I would love for anyone to reach out for professional or industry questions. Or just looking to quote their own personal or professional insurance needs. Our website is www.ivesins.com

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